About gfilicetti

"Use me here where I am. I'm not gonna pray anymore that you'll change your plans. Despite my fear I place my life in your hands. The future can wait, tomorrow might be too late. So Jesus, use me here!" This is a quote I saw once and has since been what I want in life.

New Idea

Since the whole hate/love thing didn’t work as i planned… I’m going to start something different. Basically my idea is to put up pictues/quotes/stories pretty much anything that I find that describe beauty…



Feet and Pianos

I hate feet. This is probably one of the biggest things that I truely hate. I won’t touch them, smell them, I don’t even really like to look at them. I mean my own feet are my feet, I have no choice in the matter. But that doesn’t mean that I like them. And it definately does not mean that I like anyone else’s feet. So keep them out of my face and don’t make me touch them please.

I love pianos. The piano is the firt instrument I learned to play. I’ve been playing since I was three or four and I’ve taken 8 years of lessons. You see, I tend to play with my hands and I’m always moving them around so the piano is perfect for me. Everything you do is with your hands. A song on the piano can inspire thousands. There are no limits to what it can do. It’s the best way to express what you’re feeling too because you can put your whole body into it. Now that I’m learning how to compose my own music, it’s alot more interesting. I can now look at a song and see how it’s made and if it follows certain rules or not. I’m even more in love than ever.


Loud People and Tickles

So I know I origionally said I would be posting every weekday, but life is crazy so I might miss a few days here and there. Now to the usual post…

I hate people who are loud in the library. Yesterday, I was in the library trying to work on some homework when this guy sits at the same table, on the same side as me even though there were plenty of other tables there. He then proceded to take out an set up his laptop in the LOUDEST WAY POSSIBLE. And then he kept sniffing his nose, and moving his jacket around making swishy noises. Also he was just wearing a tanktop (not loud but kinda gross). All of this while I’m trying to concentrate on some really confusing theory homework. Needless to say, my homework took alot longer than it should have and I left the library very irritated.

I (secretly) love being tickled. I mean, who doesn’t? Getting tickled is like an instant joy maker. I always end up laughing till I either snort or can’t breathe. Even though I don’t like the act of being surprised or being held down while tickled, I like having someone show they like me enough and can be silly enough to get me to laugh hysterically. It’s almost like getting a hug except it’s really silly and can make you look weird too.


No Sleep and Golden Oreos

I hate getting no sleep. You see, I’m one of those people who needs their 8 hours every night in order to be able to function during the day. My largest problem is that I get up at 4:25 am five days a week for work and then have school and homework which means I don’t get to bed till aroun 10:00 pm. Think about it, that means I’m awake for roughly 17 1/2 hours a day. Personally, that’s way too long of a day I think. On nights when I get less sleep than normal, I end up crashing and crashing HARD. And then the next day I’m cranky. So again, I hate not getting enough sleep because my body craves it.

I love golden Oreos. You know the ones, regular white cream with golden yellow cookies. I’ve never been the biggest fan of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. The lighter it is, the more I like it. So golden Oreos are the perfect Oreos for me. They have the delicious cream which is amazing to doublestuff and these yummy cookies. Disagree with me all you want but I will always love my golden Oreos.

My New Project

Hello there,

To start off this new year, I decided to start a new blog. Now, I already have one blog at gabriellefilicetti.blogspot.com which is basically random things in my life and what I’m thinking. With this blog, I actually have a goal. This came to me today as I was wasting time inbetween classes at school. Starting tomorrow, I am going to try to post every weekday about two things: stuff I hate and stuff I love. These posts aren’t really going to be planned because that is not my goal. What I want to do is work on my creative thinking and my writing skills while discussing myself kind of. I look forward to getting to write every day, especially about the things I love.

But enough about that, it can wait till tomorrow. Today I wanted to let you know a little about who I am. (I also wanted to figure out how to use wordpress)

So, my name, if you haven’t figured it out yet is Gabrielle Filicetti. I was born and raised in a smallish town and I have an even smaller town mindset. I grew up going to a private Christian school with alot of farm kids. The people connected to my school basically formed it’s own community within our town. Of course, as I have gotten older my community has expanded quite a bit.

In case you’re wondering, I am a Christian. I believe in God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Maybe as part of a special weekend post I will talk more about that. Hopefully I will soon. But another little goal is that I can show you what I believe through my blog posts.

Let’s see what else is there? Hmmm, That’s all I can really think of right now. Hopefully you will continue reading this blog and you will definately learn more about me through it.

Love always,