Feet and Pianos

I hate feet. This is probably one of the biggest things that I truely hate. I won’t touch them, smell them, I don’t even really like to look at them. I mean my own feet are my feet, I have no choice in the matter. But that doesn’t mean that I like them. And it definately does not mean that I like anyone else’s feet. So keep them out of my face and don’t make me touch them please.

I love pianos. The piano is the firt instrument I learned to play. I’ve been playing since I was three or four and I’ve taken 8 years of lessons. You see, I tend to play with my hands and I’m always moving them around so the piano is perfect for me. Everything you do is with your hands. A song on the piano can inspire thousands. There are no limits to what it can do. It’s the best way to express what you’re feeling too because you can put your whole body into it. Now that I’m learning how to compose my own music, it’s alot more interesting. I can now look at a song and see how it’s made and if it follows certain rules or not. I’m even more in love than ever.



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