Loud People and Tickles

So I know I origionally said I would be posting every weekday, but life is crazy so I might miss a few days here and there. Now to the usual post…

I hate people who are loud in the library. Yesterday, I was in the library trying to work on some homework when this guy sits at the same table, on the same side as me even though there were plenty of other tables there. He then proceded to take out an set up his laptop in the LOUDEST WAY POSSIBLE. And then he kept sniffing his nose, and moving his jacket around making swishy noises. Also he was just wearing a tanktop (not loud but kinda gross). All of this while I’m trying to concentrate on some really confusing theory homework. Needless to say, my homework took alot longer than it should have and I left the library very irritated.

I (secretly) love being tickled. I mean, who doesn’t? Getting tickled is like an instant joy maker. I always end up laughing till I either snort or can’t breathe. Even though I don’t like the act of being surprised or being held down while tickled, I like having someone show they like me enough and can be silly enough to get me to laugh hysterically. It’s almost like getting a hug except it’s really silly and can make you look weird too.



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